DESCRIPTION ENERDEV Chi-energy tumbler is made of "Chi" technology material resulted from state-of-the art bio-wave technology which combines Japan's high purity natural bio-ceramic into quality plastic materials. The "Chi" energy of the bio-ceramic continuously resonates with the water molecule clusters and will upgrade the quality of the water into energy water that contains "Chi", rich in oxygen and small in water molecule clusters, that can be easily absorbed by our body's cells.
ENERDEV Chi-energy water tastes smoother, sweeter and is easily absorbed by our body's cells; our stomach won't feel full easily therefore allowing us to drink more water which is essential for a healthy body and beautiful skin complexion. In addition, it also prevents us from constipation problems, etc; by drinking energy water regularly. You should drink 2 litres of Chi-Energy Water daily.
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Water is Chi-Energy Water?
Chi-Energy Water, also known as water, was created by both Dr. A Yamashita (Nagoya University, Agriculture faculty) and Dr. S. Makino (Tonoku University, Science faculty). It contains "Chi" healthy energy which is the most important element of oriental medicine.
Over 30 years of clinical studies by many medical researchers particularly in Japan have proven that patients with illness of stomach cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis B, urinary bladder cancer, obesity, chronic bronchitis, dermatitis and many other diseases have shown significant improvements by drinking energy water. Thus, it is regarded as an essential life supporting water.
The benefits:
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients and detoxification of our body
  • Promotes our metabolism for optimum health
  • Re-inforces immune system against diseases.
  • Chi-Energy water has "Chi" energy like body water has. Below are Kirlian photography pictures showing differences in level of "Chi" energy from ordinary tap water versus energy water in a test tube.

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