PRODUCT ENERDEV Chi-Water Energizer
DESCRIPTION This technological breakthrough device is invented based on the most sophisticated cosmic energy technology from Japan. It is made from natural bio-ceramic researched by the Japan Cosmos Energy Research and Development Centre and further processed with state-of-the-art bio-wave processing technology that enables it to create water with much higher "Chi" energy level and smaller molecules clusters than most Chi-energy products in the markets.

How to use ENERDEV Chi-Water Energizer
  1. Drinking Water
    Simply dip ENERDEV CHI-WATER ENERGIZER into 3-10 liters of drinking water for 5 minutes. It can quickly convert boiled water, mineral water, filtered water, reverse osmosis (R.O.) water, distilled water, and ordinary energy water into Chi-Energy water with higher health effect.
  2. Other Applications
    Convert ordinary water into Chi-Energy water for various applications. When converting more water (example: put into bath tub), please leave ENERDEV Chi-Water Energizer inside the water for 10-15 minutes.
How does it work?
The ferrous and ferrite ion of bio-ceramic contained in the ENERDEV Chi-Water Energizer react to restore the process of oxidation, producing electromagnetic energy. When these elements contact with water, water particles receive matching electromagnetic waves, causing resonant movement with increase of oscillation frequency. This phenomenon revives the water, and consequently forms energy water that is small in water cluster, rich in oxygen, having strong dissolving power and possesses Chi-energy.
  1. Water with Micro Molecules (H2O) clusters
    Generally, water molecules (H2O) form clusters of various sizes. When water contacts ENERDEV CHI-WATER ENERGIZER, original clusters are broken down into smaller clusters which contain 5-6 water molecules.
  2. Water with "Chi" energy
    Chi-Energy water has "Chi" energy like body water has. Below are Kirlian photography pictures showing differences in level of "Chi" energy from ordinary tap water versus energy water in a test tube.

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