PACKING 30ml = 1 month supply
DESCRIPTION The Most Advanced HGH-booster Sublingual Spray incorporating homeopathic formulation of amino-acid complex, zinc sulphate and colostrum.
This product was chosen from about 50 different formulations tested by Dr Amir. Patients consistently reported improvements in skin texture after taking it, with noticeable difference if it is stopped, or if compared with other spray products:
Slows down Aging
Improves Sex drive
Increases Energy level
Better Skin texture
Firmer Muscle tone, and many more health benefits
The amino-acid complex acts as HGH booster while the colostrum is rich in Growth Factors and Immunoglobulins. The zinc sulphate has stabilizing and antioxidant properties, and improves sexual health.
Very convenient - just spray under the tongue twice a day. For faster effect, can spray 3x per day.
= 4-in-1 HGH booster + Immune booster + Antioxidant + Sex booster The most value-for-money HGH spray on the market!

HGH levels decrease drastically from age 20, at a rate of 14% per decade, such that the levels are already deficient by age 50. The decline in HGH actually precedes andropause in men and menopause in women, which is why we actually start aging before the drop in sex hormones occur. Boosting the HGH level can delay the rate of aging, and can even delay the onset of andropause and menopause. In those with premature aging, or those already past andropause/menopause ( age 50 and above ), boosting HGH level can even reverse their aging, and improve their health drastically.
Combined with a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle which includes enough exercise and muscle-building, boosting the HGH level can improve your health beyond expectations.
The HGH sublingual spray is the most convenient yet effective method. Spray 3 times in the morning and 4 times before bedtime, and you are on your way to reversing your age, and improving your health! If you want faster results, spray in the afternoon also, 2 hours after lunch.
The formula has added boost from colostrum-derived Growth Factors which enhance the effects of HGH, plus the protective immune-boosting Immunoglobulins. The zinc has antioxidant properties and also helps improve sexual health in both men and women.
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